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Nike Challenge Court in tube shoes

John McEnroe is very representative of the tennis star in 80s, hitting its clever, volley skill is more memorable, serve very personal style, and his bad temper, let a person of his deeper impression, and then, its popularity made specifically for the Nike to create a dedicated sports shoes Nike Challenge Court. Came to 2012 autumn and winter, Nike again with this shoe money launched offensive, to create a new version of Suede/Ripstop. The shoes in cylinder form, and with suede and Ripstop nylon fabric and create a shoe body, and the heel position is interesting to make material like wool, make shoes exudes strong retro flavor. Shoes will be launched in a short time, we pay close attention to.

looking for comfortable, breathable, wearing experience Adidas powder, look, come here, the new Adidas Pure Boost 2 is wonderful.

wonderful thing is that the shoes to Boost foam plastic outsole, full palm Boost with Stretch-mesh uppers.

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there is no fragile knee, no ruined running, and only the wrong way to "gun in the knee".

"running injured knee", this sentence has quickly made you tired of hearing! The end is running too strong or our knees too fragile? Or is it just an excuse for being lazy and not going to exercise?

57 years old American lady Samuelson ran a marathon for decades, and now still ran up.

, let's take a look at the latest news: female executives lose weight and run on treadmills for two hours every day. After half a year, the patellofemoral joint cartilage is worn out by half, and walking difficulties are paralyzed. There is no fragile knee, no human running, and only the wrong way to "gun in the knee".

1, a treadmill running out of time

and outdoor run, treadmill is a "passive running". It is not easy to control the state of knee joint when the ground is pedaling, and the possibility of damage is greater. If the greedy run is 2 hours, it makes the knee pressure mountain bigger. If you don't say much, see the example of a female executive in front of you.

two, run in the wrong way, run

, outside the eight character, high leg run, around the uneven force...... Is your running position right? The right posture is the key to avoiding all sports injuries. If the running position is wrong, don't complain about the knee pain. A survey from the South African health 24 agency showed that 6 adult knee injuries were related to the running posture. Can it be good for you to use it wrongly?

three and fast running

heard that the increasing slope can increase consumption, so you pick those while uphill downhill road for a while; or you hate in eighteen bending Mountain Park Road run. It's a lot of harm to the knees. Isn't it good for us to walk on a flat road?

four, big weight and strong run

sees big weight fat girls running hard, and they really hurt them! Can the knees suffer even if the willpower is caught? The weight is big, the knee joint is not necessarily strong, even because the heavy load is more fragile. Anxious to lose weight, hard work also run, knee must be overwhelmed. Do you ask the standard of "big weight"? The BMI index (BMI= weight (kg) / height (m) 2) is more than 30, of course, we hope that none of us will use this number.

five, run
with inspirational too
runs 10 kilometers on Monday night, 5 kilometers on Tuesday morning exercise, 8 kilometers in the evening, 10 kilometers on Wednesday, and a weekend plan to hit 15 kilometers... The amount of running on Nike Running stunned the guys! As an ordinary woman who doesn't want to be an athlete, you really don't have to run so much, and exercise too much to hurt the body, including the knee.

do you have the habit of protecting the knees?

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