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Running barefoot can improve memory

runs well for the body, and barefoot running is good for memory. Recently, psychological researchers at University of North Florida have found that after barefoot running, participants' ability to recollection and process information has been improved, while shoes running has no such effect.
researchers selected 72 volunteers for running at barefoot or wearing shoes and running at their own speed for 16 minutes. Before and after running, the researchers tested the memory of the participants. The results showed that the participants' memory increased by nearly 16% after running barefoot, while running shoes did not show the same effect. Researchers believe that when people are running barefoot, they need to pay special attention to the ground environment, avoid stepping on objects that will hurt their feet, and mobilize more cognitive functions, such as memory, resulting in this difference.
The results of the
study showed that paying attention to the small details of life could have a significant impact on memory. So when you run, you might as well run on the pebbles of the park, which is both fun and memory.

(life times Tian He)

Rock marathon first stop in Asia in October August 8th in Chengdu to start running, start registration.
rock marathon first stop in Asia in Chengdu, the young and fashion Master favorite top brand marathon, with music and fashion elements across the 360 degree dead came to Chengdu, will be the first domestic run in Asia in October 28, 2017, experience the authentic American rock horse Madden and hot! At 8 August 8th, pay attention to the "cdpandamls" WeChat public sign for the event.

original taste, China and the United States jointly build the first station in Asia

early in March this year, Beijing's two Xingzhi explore American rock marathon sports left hand signed a cooperation agreement, will rock the marathon series first stop in Asia in Chengdu, Chengdu, Dujiangyan in October, will rock in beauty, Miller burst. This rock marathon team will cooperate with the Chengdu double horse team left Songyuan planning to perform the first stop in Asia, all events and medals were used the image of rock marathon 20 years cool suction eye style, to burn the visual system eyeball burst, to match the overall operational planning, all aspects of the the true origin of the top IP events in Chengdu, bringing rock fashion young horses for domestic hot runners.

in October, the land of abundance experience another glamour

still remember in March this year, is located in Chengdu Szechwan between two left marathon? Because the track connecting Qingchengshan, Dujiangyan, Xiong Maogu, Guanxian City, South Bridge, fish mouth, Jianfu palace and other famous scenic spots, the proper benefits of culture and tourism combine is running from. The rock marathon first stop in Asia starting point in Guanxian city track, track the fish's mouth, via Dujiangyan, Qingchengshan and other famous attractions, bring you a taste of autumn in October, the land of abundance charm at the same time, joined the rock and Chengdu local musical elements, let Chinese runners first to feel every mile of music, the grand theme of the concert of the end point Crazy Rock and passion.

, according to the reporter's understanding, 2017 rock and marathon Asia's first stop in August 8th, 8 o'clock, sign up for a discount (pay more attention to WeChat's official number: cdpandamls). Let's expect the most authentic "rock and roll fan" to come to China.

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