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A Bathing Ape this time will be extended to Shanghai for the first time the forces in the territory of Shanghai, opened the first store in Shanghai BAPE STORE CITIC City Plaza shopping mall. The store used to BAPE whole decoration used for cold grey color, extensive use of stainless steel with Chen Qichen, the neon lamp for the store display color points, is absolutely ape fans in Shanghai will visit a tour of
2013-1-8. .

Beijing - Zhangjiakou traverses the stars of big cafes.

July 31, 2015, the 2022 Winter Olympics held over who will eventually be revealed as an expression of support and desire; the Winter Olympics, composed of sports stars "Yes sports club" in July 29th 31, launched from Beijing to Zhangjiakou Chongli intercity through run.
The five founders of the
"Yes sports club" will lead the five groups of friends in sequence, almost 400 kilometers uninterrupted. Among them, the famous singer Sha Baoliang and the famous music producer for entertainment industry friends will be invited; former badminton world champion Ye Zhaoying, expert of famous sports industry Zhang Qing, CCTV5 senior director Fu Jiawei will be invited to the sports sector, the business community and the media friends to participate in. Each group of relay members will be limited to 8-10 people, and the number of accompanying runs at the end of the end can be increased properly.

, according to preliminary estimates, the cumulative time relay is expected to be more than 48 hours, during the long hill road, need to withstand hot during the day time and night complex road environment test; also face to face challenge relay need to organize management and logistics and so on, the successful completion of the degree of difficulty is quite high.

# dream together after # is slated to run across the city in late July 29th 8 official from the Beijing Olympic Forest Park is located in Zhangjiakou Chongli run, the end point in the "dance too ski resort town, there are built in the Winter Olympics venues. At that time, the "Yes sports club" will consoled the hard - paid workmates and watch the televised broadcast of the Olympic Games.

below is a complete list of intercity traversing guests (some guests may have a fine tune in time and time)

2015 intercity through running the guest list
best time running distance is expected to name Sex starting time is expected to take 1 Sun Nannan 10 km 29 20:00 80 minutes 2 Liu Yuxi female 2 km 29 21:20 20 minutes 3 money red female 2 km 29 21:40 20 minutes 4 gold Weinan 3 km 29 22:00 30 minutes 5 Zhang Dan 2 29 22:30 20 minutes 6 km 5 km Chen Zuyuan male 29 22:50 40 minutes 7 Zhang Binnan 2 km 29 23:30 20 minutes 8 Li Yangnan 2 km 29 23:50 20 minutes 9 Chen Monv 9.7 km 30 00:10 60 minutes
stick time name Sex running distance is expected starting time is expected to take 10 Yang Wangnan 5 km 30 02:00 40 minutes 11 5 km 30, 02:40 Yinan Sheng Chen 40 minutes 12 5 km 30 Akio 03:20 4 Clock

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