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Published: 2009-06-23 10:38:46 | 1230 people share the view:

summer in Rongcheng, Fuzhou, vibrant, a thriving scene. In July 10th, the Fujian regional 2012 annual marketing conference was held ceremoniously. The marketing conference, summary and presentation of the Fujian yi'erkang area over the past few years, the fruits of development is also fully affirmed in Fujian region, colleagues and partners with sincere thanks.

change ideas and seek development, and work together to create a win-win future

the morning of July 10th, the 2012 Fujian yi'erkang regional dealer conference held as scheduled. The meeting reviewed and summarized the market operation of the previous year and made a contribution to the next year's work. The conference commended the excellent dealers of the previous year, which became the highlight of the meeting.

according to the actual characteristics of the market, the Fujian region has set a wide range of awards. "Good faith management award", "sales performance award", "pioneering Pioneer Award" and other awards recognized the efforts of all dealers and pay, fully affirmed their contribution in all aspects. In addition to material rewards, dealers have received more rewards from collective tours, which have made everyone feel different.

chairman yelikon shoes Limited by Share Ltd Dan Zhimin attended the meeting and made a concluding statement, his speech once again affirmed Fujian regional difficulties in the spirit of happy to everyone by working together to tackle tough achievements. At the same time, Dan Zhimin warned everyone to continue to concentrate on doing business, and redouble their efforts to create brilliant.

Development Manager for the first
Following the
dealer conference held successfully after the morning, afternoon, Fujian yi'erkang regional conference held direct manager. At the meeting, the head of the battalion directly introduced the work of the previous year and planned and deployed the direct work for the next year, so that the regional direct operation in Fujian would continue to develop in a good direction.

conference reflects the "people-oriented" principle, the staff award as the main content of the meeting, hundreds of shop managers at the grassroots level were rewarded. The award in both set up a "best image award", "the fastest performance award", "target overfulfiled Award", "Sales Team Champion Award" awards, also set up a "best loyalty award", "manager Rookie Award", "sales elite Award", "Gold Award," outstanding manager "area director award and individual awards, let employees more aware of the significance of everyone on the Fujian yi'erkang direct work.

store manager as the soul of the store, the importance of self-evident. Fujian regional rapid growth of direct sales share, so that the role of managers more prominent. The manager marketing conference, both of you fully affirmed the work of the store manager, but also a direct recognition of the Fujian regional direct work.

with 2012 annual Fujian regional marketing conference ended, yelikon shoes Fujian area at a new starting point. At last, Fujian yi'erkang region to overcome various difficulties, has made outstanding achievements in Fujian earth; the future development of the Fujian region will continue to work steadily. KAWS and Jordan Brand had KAWS x Air Jordan 4 is a cooperative detonated shoe city, sudden exposure, rapid global overrun fixed sale, make shoe of many enthusiasm. Grey market version of a market price speculation, immediately broke the million mark. And then more enviable black friends limited edition, to save everyone's mood. What color of the black soul version then only friends appear to limit, starting with the fundamental task is not possible. But always provide high value of information MAFIA broke the God YEEZY said that next year will usher in the spring and summer of 2018 or KAWS x Air Jordan 4 new joint, and this time there may be a limited black color of the soul and the sale, this is undoubtedly a blockbuster information. In the end of next year's KAWS x Air Jordan 4 is really black color or soul will go on sale in what form of sale, definitely worth looking forward to.

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