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A BATHING APE, brought a new iPhone 7 series of mobile phone shell. Choose blue, green, pink tricolor as the tone of the camouflage series, choose leather materials to build. learned that the series will be landed in May 13th, the major BAPE STORE stores for sale, want to start friends do not miss.

APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! The Pokemon turns to run APP?

Nintendo licensed mobile AR, the Pokemon Go authorized by Nintendo, has been released in the US, Australia and New Zealand since its official launch in July 7th. Listing 3 days, the company's share price rose by 40%, net profit of 54 billion 500 million yuan, becoming the most profitable game. But do you know? In essence, it's actually a running App! Don't believe it? Let's just look at it.
games go back to the United StatesThe
game is a hand tour that combines the virtual world with the real map. That is to say, players can capture Pocket Monster or collect elf balls or Elf eggs anywhere in the real world, such as the house behind your house, nearby parks or maps. This is an excuse for those who are sitting at home and playing games. Of course, it's not just that!
players go out in line with the tips
according to the United States website statistics, the game players have reached 43 minutes and 23 seconds of the game, more than the largest instant chat tools in the United States! In such a long game, the player has to hunt for the elves all over the field, and unknowingly accumulating the mileage.
wants to get more experience and have to go out
recently, the U. S. media with the way to generalize the "pocket monster Go" is the best reason for the secret fitness program, come together to see it!

1, it makes people run around the city to catch the elves.

2, and people are recording the mileage crazy, 10km easy to reach.

3, and of course there are more miles of miles here. Can you imagine what a half horse is going to play with a game? (13.85 miles = 22.3km)

4, because it's obvious that you have to go even farther in pursuit of the new elves.

5, boys all joined the ranks of running and walking, and playing "the Pokemon Go" became a doctor's "new advice."

6, those who want to become Elven masters get more ideas in daily life, and do not play with hand games.

7, they love the gym more than ever before!

8, sometimes they will make friends with congenial persons exercise together, of course, to play a game together!

9, they will explore the new running block, because there are elves to catch it!

10 and Michel · Mrs. Obama has been calling for the climax of fitness for 8 years, which is probably the best plan behind the real genius.
phenomenon degree heat
11, the game became a part of the people's fitness tracker, what were you doing 7 days ago!

12, or replace the previous fitness tracker!

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