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The tiger
2010 A Bathing Ape at the beginning of the first strike is the leopard (camouflage series and tiger are close relatives), Bape in the yellow black leopard print camouflage, cleverly put two elements mixed together, is very worth looking forward to the series. The series is also very complete not only hoodies, mountaineering jacket, there are 88 Bapesta shoes and scarves. It seems that the Leopard Camo series will be the main force of the Bape new year, and it will be a classic for Bape fans. download (274.3 KB) download (227.12 KB) download (182.84 KB) download (149.54 KB) download (210 KB) download (204.81 KB) download (214.49 KB) download (191.33 KB) download (154.66 KB) download (151.42 KB) download (229.17 KB) download (161 KB) download (145.92 KB) download (245.92 KB) download (137.51 KB) download (132.78 KB)>

NIKE DUNK LOW recently launched a new color matching new models of women. This takes all black suede leather uppers, collocation black midsole and outsole, reminiscent of the Jay-Z's All Black Everything AF1 all black shoes, appearance and color looks quite simple, only on the tongue into a pink brand label, played a punchline.

Running more than life.
, Professor of Chemistry Department of Zhejiang University, out of the 32 doctoral, 41 master; he was 27 years old, published in domestic journals in the country ranked sixth, analysis of ion chromatography field is now engaged in the research, the global number of published by SCI ranked first, ranking third; he is the Provincial CPPCC members the Standing Committee of province, and agricultural environment resources committee director. He is Zhu Yan. Accustomed to wearing a pair of nearsighted glasses on the stage, he is often tired of teaching. Now we may need to get used to another 53 year old Zhejiang University Professor -- runner.

50 run, run two half iron, two times a hundred kilometers,

four times short road cross-country, five full horse, six time standard iron, eleven half horse...

50 years
Zhu really started his running

what are you doing at the age of 50? Enjoy the happiness of a family union? Wait for retirement to enjoy a pleasant life? "There are many things in life, and if they don't try again, there may be no more opportunities in the future." Zhu Yan said. So in December 2013, Professor Zhu, 50, took part in the first outdoor sports competition in the west of Hangzhou. From then on and running have been indissoluble.

30 years ago, Professor Zhu got the first prize in the Hangzhou University Sports Association, but the long run was a short board in the sports.

and just started running, because Zhu Yan was afraid to keep up with the speed of the young people. Zhu Yan just ran with his students secretly running along the running group on the side of the West Lake. I didn't expect to take part in the marathon for the first time, and the whole journey ran 3 hours and 44 minutes.

took part in the triathlon competition because Zhu Yan was not embarrassed. He didn't tell his family, nor did he tell the lab students, or even the equipment. However, that is, on a borrowed Merida R903 entry-level road car, he was wearing myopia borrowed light goggles swim in the sea 1500 meters, 2 hours and 50 minutes to finally actually finished the race, than before the door closed set before the completion of the game expected for more than an hour!
The results of
gave him a lot of confidence. After the game, Zhu Yan began a relatively regular running training, "the cross-country is not walking, climbing, more needed is running training." Two times a week the white causeways, around 9.7 kilometers, all night run and run the club are not his shadow.

two times, half a dozen, two times a hundred kilometers, cross country four times, short distance cross country, five full horse (including two mountain full horse), six times standard iron and eleven times half horse. More than 2 years, Professor Zhu stride, imperceptibly out of 3000 km the wonderful cool!

go out for a meeting, "where to go"

work exercises are

looks at professor Zhu Yan's circle of friends, a large part of it.

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