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had to bring BAPE 2013 SS Lookbook and one with "Dot Pattern" Polka Dot shark coat become the focus, there are people in the speculation is that CdG x BAPE joint cap clip, and today we uncover the secrets of the coat, is not what a joint version. But BAPE's "Dot Pattern" series, glance up is really a bit like Supreme X CdG Shark Hoodie signed a series of products, coupled with the Dot Pattern to this series as the streets of darling. Now bring this one topic for details of the photos, not a canon ZipUp Hat Clip coat, more new version of the Hooded Shirt. At the same time there are three color gray, blue, black. SHARK DOT FULL ZIP HOODIE < price: 22890 yen /p> 2013-1-2 01:41 upload download attachment (175.09, KB)

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2012-2-25 08:52 upload and download attachments (186.53 KB) since last year's entry into the NBA League, New York Nicks defender Landry Fields has been wearing the New York special color Kobe Signature Series shoes. With this in mind, Nike Basketball has also designed a special PE Kobe VII for him to wear in the "star of the day" challenge. Different from Jeremy Lin's "star of tomorrow" version of the New York Landry ball shoes, this pair of shoes to orange color, details of modified blue, logo embroidery on the tongue within the individual. Landry Fields will also wear this specially designed PE sneakers at the "tomorrow star" challenge.

brand new achievements

is the most Chinese such understanding of outdoor outdoor sports is climbing the mountain, climbing wall, ice climbing, crossing the desert these difficult projects.

outdoor equipment must be functional and expensive, and only a few people can consume it.

realize the decision behavior, under the guidance of this idea, there are a lot of outdoor operators love their business to high-end brand positioning, all packed into high-end brands, made a very beautiful story, the famous brand sponsorship of professional team......

in fact, outdoor equipment is by no means the only high-end clothing that a few people can afford, but only a little higher than the daily needs of the public.

from the United States International Outdoor Brand LAVA, "everyone can wear the outdoor brand", and this concept into China, and "untamed journey" brand culture as the core of long-term promotion strategy. " free journey " outdoor space LAVA
brand new achievements
free culture depth interpretation of new outdoor space

"untamed journey", will define the depth interpretation of outdoor sports, outdoor sports will belong to all people with outdoor spirit, they are eager to embark on a journey to free your mind free of self breakthrough "".

they don't have to experience the dangers of getting into Mount Qomolangma without the cold weather of Antarctica, not even across the Sahara desert.

they just have a heart that loves the outdoors.

LAVA in the United States of New York unique fashion, breaking the design ideas and the traditional concept of professional outdoor, outdoor clothing and fashion elements combine into the untamed culture LAVA brand unique, bring a new atmosphere of outdoor sports, to convey a more healthy life concept, advocate is a more free and easy way of life, let you put aside the city pressure and physical and mental bondage, complete release. This spiritual appeal is like a spring flowing into the hearts of city people who have tried city barriers.

LAVA has been facing many traditional outdoor brands occupy the mountaineering, rock climbing, skiing, extreme sports and other outdoor media resources, don't go "with Prince reading" the old, the brand appeal to sink more trend of outdoor activity level or more open travel, to create extraordinary outdoor brands, more LAVA's "untamed journey" and long-term promotion strategy foreshadowed.

LAVA 2012 new spring and summer to convey a free, trend of the outdoor life concept to China consumers, the latest international trend zero presented to domestic consumers. LAVA will launch three new series > untamed adventure, free travel, free fashion theme

: after this month's exposure, Adidas Originals join the German shoe store, Afew officially released new shoes Tubular Shadow. Inherited the family's sense of streamline shoe body contour, Tubular Shadow with some YEEZY "shadow", as the heel or be taken from the YEEZY BOOST 350, BOOST 750 and YEEZY lacing system is exactly the same, and tongue design overlapping is also one of the highlights, and the three line mark to hide them. Tubular Shadow is undoubtedly represents a double fuzzy boundary street fashion and, as Adidas Originals and Afew Tubular Shadow said, "is not just a pair of shoes, it is a symbol of future innovation. And, according to earlier Asphalt Gold revealed that the new adidas Originals Tubular Shadow will be officially released on December 8th, priced from 99 euros to 119 euros euros range.

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