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Run Logo.

1, name of the run group

Baoji TNT run group (originally named "Baoji night run training camp")

two, time of establishment

May 13, 2014
photography blockbuster.
three, member size


four, active area

, Baoji, Shaanxi
five, run group slogan

, a free running with the wind, by way of measuring the blood of youth
six, running group introduction to

1, the name of the run group: Teenage New Travel Running

2, the name of the meaning: urban youth, in the urban reinforced concrete jungle of passion eruption, the body, mind, positive energy!

3, the aim of running a regiment is to build an outdoor running platform, popularize the knowledge of scientific fitness and promote a new life of green health.

4 and membership: the team is co organized by elite members from all walks of life, making full use of personal influence to create the most influential running team in Baoji, Shaanxi.
joined the way: to make the run group has got great development, improve the overall level of running group, and providing incentives and services for the running team, TNT ran group implement League examination system, rutuan are real name registration.

seven, main event
In July 2014 1,
ran group and Xi'an Electronic and Science University volunteers to carry out caring sanitation workers to flash form, Baoji acquired great concern to the public, boarded the Baoji daily, active deeds of China Daily, Baoji TV, Baoji radio and a number of news media and website;

2, January 2015 Xiamen International Marathon, 2 participants;

3 and 2015 group participated in the March 29th Zhengkai international marathon competition, with a total of 10 participants, and team mate Wen Linzhe's best personal results, 4:28:05;

4, April 2015 group participated in the Yangling International Marathon, a total of 11 ginseng, team mate Qin Junfeng's best personal results, 3:49:20;

5 and June 2015 group participated in the Lanzhou International Marathon, with a total of 10 participants,

in August 2, 2015 6, with plump network cooperation, become plump Baoji official ran group;

in 7 and September 2015, the group participated in the Beijing International Marathon race, a total of 15 participants. The team mate Zhao Zhiwei had the best personal performance. The score was 4:06:25,
8, November 7, 2015 run delegation invited and star group ran fresh group ran together in Yunnan Tengchong half marathon.

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