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6 of the coolest products designed for women

today, the development of a woman running xxr to joyes. According to statistics, 61% of the runners crossing the finish line are women. Smart retailers are naturally looking at this group, and the following are 6 of the coolest equipment designed for women:

1, non chemical protection system

most female runners are likely to be attacked by people or animals. If you can't or don't want to run with a chili spray, the runners' personal alarm with an adjustable wristband may be a good choice. 130 decibels of alarm bells can be heard around 1000 feet (about 304.8m) all around (the conference room is also applicable).

2, the bra
that acts as a coachThe
sports bra, a scientist, designer and engineer, looks very fashionable and can also tell you about the distance and speed of running. The 3 electrodes will track your heart rate, breathing, distance, speed, and rhythm. Connecting with the mobile App can also guide your best exercise while running. This summer is going to come out.

3, hand socks

100% from the ranch to the foot of the United States, to build Rowley socks. In 2017, we will introduce new products that are more suitable for runners: there are light and thin indentation on the bottom and targeted ventilation design. There are 3 kinds of lengths and colors for runners to choose.

4, fluorescent sportswear

bright colors, fashionable designs, avant-garde designs and heavy metal decorations are not a breathable jacket, but absolutely guarantee your safety when you are running at a cool night. Note: it also has tights and tights, if you dare to try.

5, there are 4 kinds of gloves on

runners in cold places like Chicago need a special kind of glove - too long to block the GPS watch, too short to be warm enough. This new can be turned into a free gloves, finger, mittens, and even in the warm days can become armband. The 4 way is more adapt the requirements of different seasons.

6, to improve the performance of the

positive self dialogue can improve running results. Today, a hair band with an inspiring language allows the woman to repeat his own running spell at the same time as it is tied to his hair.

(Sina running moonlight)

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