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[global shoes network] Bally 2014 men's autumn and winter series show the essence of luxury men's clothing elements, to create exquisite elegant wardrobe essential jiapin. The needs of all men think seriously about the brand of daily life, launched a fashion luxury, perfect footwear, apparel and accessories series; each single product to use the excellent material quality, superb technology Bally master and skilled construction technology and elaborate, show the eternal classic elegance and are confident style. The shoes and suitcases are made of the finest leather. The shape is simple and neat, and the exquisite workmanship is adopted. The cutting proportion is just right, the fabric is exquisite and comfortable to wear. The elaborate details reveal the brand's low-key and elegant design tradition, and create a wardrobe classic suitable for different seasons and ages. Whether it's dedicated to work, spending time with your family, or experiencing an elegant lifestyle in the city or countryside, this series can show real masculine charm.

footwear is essential for men's wardrobe, and is also the core part of Bally Menswear design. These shoes are masculine and fit for occasions ranging from work to leisure, from formal banquets to mountain climbing. Oxford Shuangkou shoes, Munch shoes and ankle boots with Goodyear soles, uppers of glass coating reflects very luster, it is dark red, green or brown green, all exudes a deep sense of male charm. The main push shoes draw inspiration from the 30s Bally collection, the Armagnac wine calfskin and refined, followed the design and production process of the original, re interpretation of Tusco winding exquisite lines. Each seam on the vamp is finished by Bally's "rice grain" suture technique. Strong detail also reflects the characteristics of men: dress shoes with toe Pinox vamp and sole and leather hand sewn firmly, and goat buckle boots with rubber sole injection molding groove. White buckskin sneakers soft light, show simple classic fashion charm. Inside each heel will cut out a small triangle, reproduction of the original "Bally century gentleman in the corner of the design details, to avoid in smart clothes man accidentally stepped on the trousers. The iconic triangular tailoring also runs through the entire series.

practical function and low-key concise line has achieved indispensable accessories series. Every pocket, every zipper, every clasp is a carefully designed crystal. Exquisite hardware fittings are more light and hidden. After tanning leather processing, soft, showing only soft with Brown Tweed has natural smooth grain effect, with a sense of peace and calm. A bag of reporters with multiple pockets and layers shows a soft and refined style. Square hand bags vary in size and are suitable for business travel and weekend trips out of 12, 24, 48 hours. Bag design highlights superb professional taste: a suede lined shopping bag with a red Bally logo on the inside; the postman packs inspiration from Retro 20s express bags, and uses shiny and

Adidas adiZero Rose Low 1.5 has been mentioned will be on sale this fall in the Adidas Basketball --2011 in the fall of the shoes in the preview, Adidas adiZero Rose 1.5 Low SprintSkin PureMotion still uses the uppers and soles, uppers are decreased. The Adidas adiZero Rose 1.5 Low will begin on sale in August 1st at a price of 880 rmb.

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